AR Hand With Bird

AR Bird in Hand Personal Project: 2 weeks of completion. 3D animation, character design, interaction design As part of an interaction design experiment, I wanted to leverage Snap’s AR Hand Tracking template to spawn a bird, inspired by Harry Potter films of owls. The purpose was to explore new onboarding techniques that helped audiences fadeContinue reading “AR Hand With Bird”

Designing a 3D Procedural City in Blender

Role: 3D Environment Artist, Technical Artist, Pipeline Director Software/Tools Used: Blender (Geometry Nodes), Unity (Unity Material Editor) Duration: 2-3 weeks Problems: How to design / prototype large cities, environments under tight deadlines with cross functional teams (i.e. games, films, VR/AR experiences)? How to use existing 3D primitives (windows, doors, balconies, street signage) to create differentContinue reading “Designing a 3D Procedural City in Blender”

Waltz In the Sky VR

  As a passion project, I created an 360* VR animated video, which is inspired by the famous Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France. In terms of art direction, I am pushing for a dream-like dance sequence, where the viewer can participate in a Winter Waltz. I chose the Galeries Lafayette because the circular rotunda has aContinue reading “Waltz In the Sky VR”