Why I’m Shifting Gears Toward Painting Environments

When I first transitioned from working in the public sector as a city planner to becoming a freelance illustrator 3 years ago, I had a very broad interest area, ranging from designing environments & painting characters. The problem with this approach, I begun to realize, as I got better artistically, was that the complexity ofContinue reading “Why I’m Shifting Gears Toward Painting Environments”

Digital Rural Economies – Can video e-commerce help economic revitalization in rural areas?

I’ve been thinking a lot about digital rural economies, especially with the rise of remote work. Recently, I read a tweet from Web Smith on rural e-commerce platforms & infrastructure, comparing the United States and China: And it’s true. How digital e-commerce works in China: In China, Alibaba has created Taobao Villages in rural areasContinue reading “Digital Rural Economies – Can video e-commerce help economic revitalization in rural areas?”

Mobile Animation Editor

A 3D animation editor that allows for content creation natively on mobile devices. (developed on Unity). Github Repo Summary: With the rise of spatial computing (VR/AR) and 3D as the next iteration of how media & commerce flow, there will be an increased demand of native 3D authoring tools for consumers. Inspired by 3D computer graphicsContinue reading “Mobile Animation Editor”

Waltz In the Sky VR

  As a passion project, I created an 360* VR animated video, which is inspired by the famous Galeries Lafayette┬áin Paris, France. In terms of art direction, I am pushing for a dream-like dance sequence, where the viewer can participate in a Winter Waltz. I chose the Galeries Lafayette because the circular rotunda has aContinue reading “Waltz In the Sky VR”