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Francis Chen is a San Francisco Bay Area based product designer, animator, and 3D artist who likes working on story-driven and social AR/VR products that amplify interactive storytelling. 

He is an official Snap AR Lens Creator, creating AR lenses for brand marketing campaigns on the Snapchat platform. His interests include immersive retail brand activations, AR installation art, virtual avatars, spatial design, and virtual fashion. 

Strong familiarity with real time 3D game engines, 3D graphics production pipeline, animation pipeline, technical art/shaders, lighting/rendering, motion graphics / VFX, 3D rapid prototyping, 3D procedural buildings/materials, look development, 3D blackboxing, C# scripting

3D Software: Blender, Cinema4D, Unity, Snap Lens Studio, SparkAR, Substance Designer/Material, Procreate

VR/AR Prototyping Tools: Quill, Google Tilt Brush

Francis Chen has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley (2013) in city and regional planning, where he took courses in urban design, architectural history, economic development, and transportation planning.


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