My art practice focuses on two areas:

  1. The future of urban development in the 21st Century

North American cities are not nimble enough for the global economic changes taking place today. Growing pressures on affordable housing availability, increased strains in transport infrastructure, increased workplace productivity gains, a growth in remote work – demand an philosophical exploration of how humans will be living, working, and playing in cities in the 21st Century.

  1. Chinese – Latin American cultural fusion

As trade and cultural ties are growing between China & Latin America, I am very interested in exploring cultural similarities through visual narratives, leveraging mythology from both spectrums of the world with a 21st Century contemporary flair.


Part pragmatist & half technocrat; part dreamer & romantic – I’m a designer, visual artist, & recovering urban planner from the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently exploring VR & AR as the next frontier in creative expression, and currently a 2018 Oculus Launchpad Fellow.

Previously, he worked in economic development in the US-Mexico Borderland (El Paso, TX), where he worked on redevelopment & tax incentive policy for Texas’s 4th Largest City. He has a B.A in Urban Planning from UC Berkeley (2013). 

Being trained in public policy has allowed me to look at art, not solely as a means of personal expression, but as a means of helping others make sense of the economic, cultural, and political shifts in society.  



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