AR Hand With Bird

AR Bird in Hand

Personal Project: 2 weeks of completion. 3D animation, character design, interaction design

As part of an interaction design experiment, I wanted to leverage Snap’s AR Hand Tracking template to spawn a bird, inspired by Harry Potter films of owls. The purpose was to explore new onboarding techniques that helped audiences fade into new experiences.

I first 3D sculpted and animated a bird inside Blender and imported it into Snap Lens Studio.

Using hand tracking, I used a flat palm hand to spawn the bird from a distance away from the camera.

Using the Snap AR 3D hand tracking template, I was able to track a “palm open” pose that triggered the spawn of a bird approaching the hand upon entering the world.

This lens became one of the top trending lenses on Snapchat for 10+ days, accumulating 66 million views and 344k shares.


Published by fncischen

Animator / Developer focusing on Interaction Design, Narrative Storytelling, and 2D/3D Authoring Tools

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