Ralph Lauren Wellington Bag // Snap AR

Role: VFX and 3D Artist: Duration: 2-3 weeks Tools Used: Snap Lens Studio, Blender, Cinema4D

  • Brand awareness campaign, increase sales conversions via try-on in AR
  • How to increase call to action for capture and sharibility for audiences? While creating presence and bridging the physical and digital worlds?
  • How to improve audience onboarding into an AR world lens for AR fashion try-on?
  • How to create the presence of a luxury magazine lifestyle in AR?

Design prototyping

I was involved in designing AR volumetric lighting as a spatial design technique to increase depth, realism and 3D dimensionality in the AR world lens.

First, I 3D modeled a fake diagonal 3D volumetric noise inside Blender to simulate the reflections, dust particles that render/emit/reflect volumetric lighting in comparable 3D software.

Secondly, I used the Snap Lens Studio material shaders to simulate semi-transparent reflective / emissive properties on the mesh.

Thirdly, I created different instances of the 3D volumetric lighting to simulate baked light rays.

Having these baked light rays hitting the ground plane increases believability, while also giving out a very angelic presence to the handbag.

By introducing these lighting elements, we help amplify the luxury lifestyle elements of the brand marketing campaign.

Final outcome:

This lens was featured as a top promoted AR lens on Snapchat for Ralph Lauren.

Customers can share their handbag AR experiences via Snapchat with their friends and family, which increases the likelihood of call-to-action to purchase handbags.

This lens is available on Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/unlock/?type=SNAPCODE&uuid=9e3da6d6513641f5b91b20f80867c6f4&metadata=01&share_id=QkJGMDhG&locale=en_US


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Animator / Developer focusing on Interaction Design, Narrative Storytelling, and 2D/3D Authoring Tools

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