AR Fashion Catwalk || Snap Lens Studio

Role: 3D Artist, VFX Artist, Motion Graphics Animator; Tools Used: Snap Lens Studio, Cinema4D, Blender; Duration: 2-3 Weeks


  • How to increase call to action for capture and sharibility for audiences, while creating presence and bridging the physical and digital worlds?
  • How to create a immersive retail template that can be used for future retail / brand marketing AR campaigns for brands/retailers?

Spatial Design Framework:


Using the theory designed by film director Jessica Brillhart from her essays, The Language of VR, we design spatial cues in a circular fashion to direct attention around the 3D space.

Creating these points of interest builds a trajectory, a journey that allows the audience to choose what type of AR experience they want to film or share.

Having multiple vantage points allows the audience to create the story they like to share, as well as be able to record from multiple angles.

This is very critical in AR, especially as creators, we have very little control on what the final outcome our audience.

Thus, we have to design AR experiences that can be used across different physical environments.

Design Prototyping:

We first use motion graphics to create spatial cues which direct the audience to move, record, or walk around the space.

To set up the lens, a series of 3D columns were modeled to create a sense of stability.

Each 3D column will disappear and appear based on different animation time offsets, set up in the inspector.

These motion graphics take advantage of Snap Disintegrate Shaders, which I modified for the purposes of this project.

To build the set, two spawn points to start and end the catwalk, as well as allowing for the fashion model to appear and disappear from both ends.

A3D Greek Temple base mesh is placed in the middle for the purposes of establishing place.

On the 3D column are motion graphics leaves which sprout throughout the columns to convey emotions of growth.

We chose a catwalk and applied real time game engine cloth physics to ensure that there is a sense of ambience that is carried and repeats throughout the lens.

We purposely chose a tutu and cape which gave the feeling of being in The Matrix movie, giving a sense of spy movie meets ambition meets fashion catwalk. The use of the strut walk really makes the audience feel like you’re there.

Final Result:

This was shared on social media and received over 71 likes on Twitter, 2.6k views as of January 2022.

This lens is available on Snapchat for public usage:


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