My North Star:

I’ve been deciding on what elements of my lifestyle I weigh heavily more, based on who I am.

  1. I really enjoy being in cross-border teams tackling cross-border business problems in media and entertainment. I think this is because I’m an extrovert that thrives in spontaneity, novelty, and chaos. I speak 3 languages (English, Chinese, Spanish) and have worked professionally in the US-Mexico Borderland (in economic development), and am an animator and interaction developer.
  2. Thus, my North Star is reflecting on how immersive media is restructuring the labor force and the future of work. For many cities, immersive media can serve as an economic engine that leverages the strengths of human creativity to build resilient businesses. I want to contribute to teams where we can bring this infrastructure to life.
  3. I value producing stories and immersive experiences that capture the cross-border cultural experience. In a time of global populism and a rise of nationalism, I believe cross-border stories serve as critical narratives that are sorely needed in building bridges in this world.


Published by fncischen

Animator / Developer focusing on Interaction Design, Narrative Storytelling, and 2D/3D Authoring Tools

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